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              Brand story

              Hangzhou Hengfeng furniture co., LTD., founded in 2000, is located in qianjiang economic development zone, hangzhou, with its own modern factory and professional design team, specializing in the design and development, production and sales management of campus furniture.

              As a professional brand of campus furniture, "Hengfong" currently mainly includes large dining halls, apartments for teachers and students, multi-functional classrooms in universities and other space furniture. We are committed to "creating new campus fashion" in the standard.

              The FATA series won the red dot award
              Move to the new modern factory in Qianjiang Economic Development Zone
              "FLY" won the red dot award
              Self-developed product “FLY” came out / 6S management mode was introduced
              Approved as a member of zhejiang provincial furniture standardization technical committee,
              Participate in the revision of national furniture standards
              Excellent logistics service enterprises of colleges and universities in China
              Zhejiang Universities Logistical Materials Joint Distribution Center: Trusted Supplier
              Officially renamed: Hangzhou Hengfeng Furniture Co.,Ltd
              Registered as: Hangzhou Hengfeng Steel and Wood Furniture Factory
              President Unit of the fifth of Hangzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce
              Outstanding enterprise in furniture industry of Zhejiang province in 2019
              Outstanding enterprise in furniture industry of Zhejiang province in 2019
              Outstanding enterprise in furniture industry of Zhejiang Province in 2019
              Innovation award of Hangzhou furniture industry in 2019
              China environmental protection products (CQC) certification
              Certificate of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises of Zhejiang province in 2019
              Certificate of governing unit of China furniture association in 2019
              Certificate of 2019 China furniture association governing units
              2019ISO9001 quality management system certification
              2019 national high-tech enterprise certificate
              2019 Hangzhou furniture industry quality award
              2019 Chinese environment mark product certification
              2016 - the G20 thank-you note
              2015 red dot award
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